A New Line For A New Start

For me starting a new line under my name is a way for me to be me finally. I have loved working in the commercial art industry for the past five years but now, with a broad knowledge of techniques and an utterly inspiring place to live I want to paint what's close to my heart.

I have spent the past years creating pieces that had to please all, giving me very little choice in what to paint- be it not just colour but style and layouts down to the brush mark. Whether it was for college or for my career I’ve always had to follow structures, and while I loved my time spent doing this, every now and then I wanted to paint a style for me; a style that I felt close to and could pour my heart into. Or paint in colours I want others to see; to let the world see textures and surroundings from a fresh point of view that would leave them wanting to look closer.

For me, art is about freedom and soul. It’s a passion that I use hoping to inspire others and to create emotion within them. I love nature and being here in Scotland is breathtaking. Having spent 20 years living right by the beach, it’s odd looking out my window to see huge hills adorned with ski slopes or a castle just standing on top of one in the middle of a vibrant city.

Being here has given me a whole new take on what I wish to continue to paint. I know now that my heart lies in creating landscapes based on my surroundings here in Edinburgh, and abstract works that use the textures and colours within these places, alongside the colours and textures of the stone-lined beach I left back home.

I am excited to show you all what I am working on at the moment, and I hope the new lines are something you find drawing you in, wanting to see more.

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