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19th July 2017

Designing the Fickle Friends Charity Shirts

This month a lot of my time has been spent trying to think of new styles and compositions. The days have been filled with rain and wind which means more of my free time has been spent contemplating different forms of design in attempt to fill the space where I’d be out at museums or hiking. It’s great in that sense; I have the opportunity to reflect on different pathways for my art and time to explore different forms of mark making.

Emily Sarah Art  artist in sudio painting

It’s also meant I’ve had time to work on something completely different; a clothing design for a band named Fickle Friends. If you live in the U.K. you have probably heard of the band, and as a fan of the band myself I submitted a design to be used on their shirts in celebration of the Brighton Pride concert coming up in a few weeks. The design will be featured on shirts that you can find on sale by the band and I ask, please- if you attend and can afford to- buy a shirt! ALL the proceeds are being donated to a local LGBT charity in Brighton, a cause that really can use each penny to drastically help the lives of LGBT youth in the area. It’s a cause that’s close to my heart that supports youth in my hometowns surrounding area, so I shall be buying a couple shirts for myself and family; and if you can I hope you do to!

Emily Sarah Art  artist fickle friends t shirt

I also owe a huge thank you to Ashely Wall for helping me make my design wearable. It takes an awful lot of effort to get a design from its basic paper form to a computerized image for printing, and tidying up the image and making alterations as she went along. It was an awful lot of fun to watch the process of my sketch taking life as this computerized piece and I absolutely love the how the design has turned out.


If your at Brighton Pride make sure to catch Fickle Friends performance!

Emily Sarah
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