Finding the Calm in Colour: Ignoring the Outside World

Sometimes with all the media and news it's nice to just be able to block things out; to enter that bubble where you can just focus on yourself and those you love. With everything around us it can be kind of hard to find the calm within what is the storm of social media... I know myself I need that constant reminder to take a break and just focus on whats immediately around me. So today I took a break to just play with colours; to explore their properties and how they act alongside textures.

It's nice to get back to focusing on finding nature in each stroke. For me, the beach is where I relax, it's my safe zone and happy place. I enjoy finding what colours can replicate the blues of the ocean and textures of the waves. So this morning I focused on playing around with that; and though its just a base coat and needs many more layers, it's the start of something calm and flowing. Colour is my way of relaxing; though I enjoy writing and being with friends there's no bubble quite like that of my studio.

Last week I spent my time creating posters for the students of Cleveland State after hate imagery was plastered over the walls of their premises. I think social media is great for that reason; it binds us and allows us to stick together and persevere. Through that we can create change. But the weight of the news is definitely something I feel greatly (especially with the current climate). For that reason I think it's good to find time for you to escape... Whether that may be through a book or music, painting or whatever brings you joy; we all need our outlets, it's just remembering to make time for them.

So enjoy your week; I'll personally be reminding myself to breath and take time to find peace through my art. I'll be back on social media to share the finished pieces with you when they're done!

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