Starting my own line- ESAA

In the past few months I have been lucky to design some apparel artwork for the guys over at TNGC.

I'm insanely happy to say it's gone great! But I will sadly now be moving on to start my own line (rad right?!)

The line will be available here on my store from early August (2018) and will include t-shirts, beanies and other apparel designed, produced here in England and shipped directly from my studio the day after your purchase.

Keep an eye on my insta for future updates!

Why am i starting my own line?

I love working with the guys over at TNGC but for me I've always wanted to start my own apparel line. Being hands on in my business is very important to me- I love adding personal touches and notes to orders and when other people are selling my designs it means I don't get a chance to thank and interact with my customers; which is insanely important to me. Having my own apparel company has been a lifelong dream of mine so I'm really excited to get it up and running!

It also means you will only have to pay one set of postage if you want apparel and prints (which is pretty rad) and UK postage will remain free on orders over £35 !


No! I've ended my design contract for TNGC as I wish to be in control of manufacturing and my orders. And as I'm starting my own company it would be confusing to design for other apparel companies. Have any queries about your order with TNGC? Contact them via their site or instagram- or you can even message us with queries and we can contact them on behalf of you.

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