​Music in Colour; Creating a Visual Playlist

Music for me helps dictate the way I paint. It creates emotion that then helps to define the pallets and styles of strokes I use; so this week I asked the Instagram community to help curate a playlist. This playlist will be added to weekly now; each week I'll be asking you all for more recommendations.

The main reason for this is it gives me a chance to get to know the people who follow me and to allow me to relate to their styles and tastes. It also opens up a new world of music for me and allows me to use a whole different pallet and style of mood in my pieces.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the playlist this week; I'll be asking for more recommendations each week. The playlist can be found at the top of this page and is set for public viewing on Spotify. Some recommendations include explicit language; I'll be setting up a separate playlist without songs with explicit warnings for people who'd rather not listen to them.

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